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Bobbi Illing's writing exudes a beautiful prosaic style, even when she describes some of the most heartwrenching times in her life. This is a wonderful companion book for all women, for we have all experienced some of these "moments" in our lives.

Reviewed by: Rena Mason in Olympia, Washington

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When Bobbi came to our library to do a special reading and writing workshop, there was a good turnout. We had such a variety of people and they all felt welcome and open to Bobbi. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable. She opened up by reading intimate things from her experiences. Then, when we did writing exercises, most everyone was eager to read out loud. She just made us feel safe to share our thoughts. She is a very inspiring woman and you can just tell she is full of grace.

Reviewed by: Eileen West in Westport WA

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Bobbi Illing is a gift to everyone who aspires to write and for people who seek a way to heal themselves through creative expression.
Her library readings and journalling exercises allow people to see what's possible by just giving them permission to let the words flow.
She is an extraordinarily warm, soulful and enthusiastic speaker. She has the ability to be both inspirational and, at the same time, totally down to earth and without pretense.
I heartily recommend that people at all levels of writing skill or experience attend Bobbi's events.

Reviewed by: Keri Brenner in Olympia, WA

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Hi Bobbi,

Just have to let you know you are a woman after Gods own heart, I love your book and have shared it so many others who have been blessed by it. I am so inspired by your writings and it's such a pleasure to know you and love you. Thank you for you beautiful heart of giving and sharing your love of life with us.

Lov Cheryl

Reviewed by: Cheryl Pattersonc in Rainier, WA

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Hi Bobbi,

Yesterday I picked up your book Moment for myself and a friend at the vintage garden. I spoke with the owner and she though you gave journaling classes, if you do I would love to know when and where. I just love your book its so refreshing and I picked a copy for my neighbor who lost her son last year in Iraq to read.

Cheryl Patterson

Reviewed by: Cheryl Patterson in Olympia, WA

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Dear Ms. Illing,

My name is Elizabeth Henley and I live in Garrett Park, Maryland. My student and friend, Elaine Kennedy, loaned me your book yesterday, which her niece Cathy sent to her when she found out Elaine had been writing some memoir pieces. I believe Cathy knows you.

I am a writing teacher and have worked with students of all ages, children through elders in New York City where I lived for 30 years until recently. I've taught in New York University's School of Continued and Professional Studies program for 21 years, have had groups of private students of all ages for 16 years, worked for 12 years teaching a year long required writing course to graduate illustration students at The School of Visual Arts. Currently I teach a poetry workshop at Springhouse, an assisted living residence in Bethesda, Maryland, a memoir writing workshop at the Holiday Park Senior Center in Wheaton, Maryland, and have a private group of elder women students here in the town of Garrett Park, as well as commuting to NYU. I moved to Maryland three years ago to care for my 90 year old mother (and 11 year old daughter). I don't mean to be giving a list of my "credentials" as much as to let you know how much personal writing I read and have read over many years.

I am stunned, moved and grateful to have begun reading your book. Yesterday I shared it with my private students and this morning with my senior memoir students. Everyone wants to purchase a copy, if possible! I also would love to purchase a copy and would, with your permission, want to use your writings in my classes, for students to study both form and content. I would want my students to purchase Moments also. However, I wonder if you have considered having a publishing house take your book? I feel confident it would be widely read and loved, and that you might even make some decent money from it. And then there's always Oprah, Tyra Banks, NPR and various other forums where you could share excerpts and speak about your process of writing. Perhaps none of this appeals to you at all!

I feel compelled to contact you to say how courageous and powerful your writing is, how deeply heartfelt your words speak and reach. I would be delighted if you have a moment to write back to me.

Thank you for your beautiful words~

Elizabeth Henley

P.O. Box 283
11009 Kenilworth Avenue
Garrett Park, Maryland 20896-0283

Reviewed by: Elizabeth Henley in Garrett Park, Maryland

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Dorothy Haas
Reference Librarian


From: Dorothy Haas
Sent: Tue 9/11/2007 10:31 AM
To: All Staff
Subject: Author Bobbi Illing

Hi everybody, just wanted to let you know how wonderful Bobbi's presentation was on Sat. We had standing room only!
Bobbi Illing is a northwest native, currently living in Tumwater, and has written a journal of her tumultuous life. On Sat she read from her journal, Moments, and also taught journaling techniques.
She is a very engaging speaker and she had her audience crying as well as laughing. She is also so inspiring that at least 10 of the audience have now formed a local journaling group, which Bobbi will initially guide.
Her website is and her email is
Schedule her and sit back and enjoy!

PS Her fee is free.

Dorothy Haas
Reference Librarian

Reviewed by: Dorothy Haas in Shelton

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Moments provokes the reader to remember, honor and cherish their own life stories. Bobbi's ability to share her life journeys with dignity, humor and emotion is a lovely gift she gives to her readers. A dear book that you find yourself thinking about and asking yourself to remember your own moments. Thank you Bobbi for helping others to listen to their inner voices.

Reviewed by: Ann Karpel in Vancouver WA

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a magnificent heartwarming book that affirms the journey through lifes darkest moments will always lead you to a better place. my mom rocks.

Reviewed by: christopher in new york city

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What I love most about Moments is that Bobbi writes from her heart, and is able to put those life moments we all have into something very personal and very moving. I laughed out loud, and also cried reading this book.

And even though I've read the book, I also laughed out loud and cried while attending her readings. Bobbi never fails to touch the hearts of others, sharing those same human emotions we experience - the ups and downs of daily life. She walks through her life with such grace and humor, you can't help but walk away feeling like you've met a new best friend.

Reviewed by: Leslie Koziara in Olympia, WA

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